Louis Hollins

- 18.25 Total Inches Lost

- 27 Lbs Lost in 6 MONTHS
- 49 IN Waist to 41 IN Waist

- 13 TOTAL Inches in Waist & Hips

- 28% Body Fat to 23.5% Body Fat

" Casey, you are the man! Without you, I could not have made it through. You are and will always be an inspirtation to me! Thank you very much for everything!"




Our sessions were tough at the beginning; Louis weighed over 300 lbs, so it would take him a minute to catch his breath between exercises. As a result, the workouts took a long time to complete. Although we were training 3 times per week, Louis continued to move through his workouts at a slow pace. Finally, I did not allow him to sit during any part of our session until it was complete. What a huge milestone! Louis eventually adapted to our fast paced workouts, and was eagerly asking, "What's next?"

Louis is a great example that everyone has to start somewhere. No matter how rough the road seems, you can always achieve what you set your mind and body to! Congrats Louis!