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Personal Training

Nutritional Guidance

Monthly Assessments

One-on-One Personal Training provided, tailored for any fitness level

As a certified fitness nutrition specialist I am able to give valuable, informed nutritional advice on food preparation, how to read nutrition labels, & choosing meals

Measurements & body fat percentages are evaluated once a month to keep you motivated, & help you to achieve your fitness goals

Cardio & Strength Programs

These programs are customized specifically for you, including a gradual increase in difficulty as progression is made

Group & Fitness Classes

Group Training & Fitness Classes offered locally with up to 25 participants! What better way to stay accountable?

Come Join The Fun!

For A Schedule of Our Upcoming Group Classes 




  • University of Louisiana Lafayette Graduate

  • Certified by the American Council on Exercise

  • Nutritional Specialists, certified by the American Council on Exercise

  • Certified TRX Suspension Training

  • 8+ years Personal Trainer & Gym Staff Experience

Casey Bright

I began my fitness journey at age fifteen. I was a small guy, and didn't know much about diet or exercise. Gradually I learned the importance of maintaining my health, which motivated me to make a transformation in my life. Since then I have been able to enjoy the many benefits of living a fit, active lifestyle, and would like to share my knowledge with those who are in need of motivation and guidance. Together we can reach milestones that seem unreachable. As a trainer, I am most passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals. Being able to witness their success and triumph is an unbelievably rewarding experience, and that is why I do what I do!


My purpose is to guide you toward a healthy lifestyle so you can move, feel, and look your best. By incorporating fitness and nutrition into your daily habits you can channel your true potential and in turn achieve your biggest goals.


- I will provide you with the right training structure based on your specific fitness level. Not one program is the same because not one person is the same!

- Each training session will not only challenge you, but also motivate you to keep going. Just like programs, each session is designed & modified for your specific level of fitness!

- No client will go through the same routine twice, which makes each session fun & never boring!


Success Stories

ULL Student

Husband & Wife

The bride

"Training with you has been a life changing experience. I gained confidence that I never had before. The gym is now a part of me, and staying fit a hobby that I enjoy!"

"Casey is constantly pushing me to improve, to go above & beyond what I believe I'm capable of. He has something new up his sleeve, which keeps me coming back for more each day!"

"Not only has he pushed me past my limits, but Casey has led me to achieve goals I never thought possible. He puts his heart & soul into his clients; I know he is meant to be a trainer. I am most noticeably confident about the weight I lost, for one of the most important days of my life: my wedding!" 




"I can't thank Casey enough for the help and support he has given my wife and I. Casey has taught me that with a positive attitude and hard work, anything is possible; anyone is capable of change, in order to become the person they truly want to be. LET'S GO!"



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